About Us

Cytilife’s Smart Campus solution is mirrored and inspired by Smart Cities solutions, and the work of the Founder in this area. The notion of using smart technologies and data, to transform everyday lives of people to be more productive, healthy, resilient and happier, is very relevant and transferable to higher ed campuses.

Our Smart Campus platform and solution set is an outcome of exetensive work with students and staff in various college campuses to understand the everyday impediments that impact their morale, health, engagement, productivity, persistence and success.

Interestingly we found that irrespective of the type of university
(small vs big, state vs private, city based vs suburban etc), the issues were similar – time management, safety, stress and anxiety, delays, wait times, looking for places and resources, availability and quality of services. All in all, they were wasting atleast 2 hours every day, in ‘small inefficiencies’ across all aspects of their campus life, adding to their stress and anxiety, keeping them from engagement, sleep, fitness, meals etc.

As we looked around, there was no single platform/solution addressing all these non academic factors of student success in an integrated manner. Their lives were splintered over a plethora of websites, tools, apps.

What started as an approach to transform the way students live, work, play and thrive, everyday, now has an added dimension of impacting big issues retention, mental, engagement via data driven focus on non academic factors of student success. (The latter is backed several pieces of independent research). Operational efficiency and investment decisions is a significant by product of our platform.

Our work with institutions such as Georgia Tech, Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, Georgia State has been very rewarding and enriching in ths journey.

Founding and Management Team

We build “smart campuses” using Internet of Things and Machine Learning technologies to transform the way students live, learn and thrive everyday.

Sabina Saksena

Founder and CEO

Rajesh Raju

Co-Founder and CTO

Board of Advisors

James Sparkman

Advisor to Higher Ed

Dr. Angie Eilers

Educator, MN

Mark Moe

Start Up Coach, MN

Amarish Tripathy

Data Scientist, NC

Gordon Rogers

EdTech Expert, GA

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