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What is a Smart Campus?

We believe that a ‘Smart Campus’ can transform how everyone lives, learns, works, plays and thrives, everyday, through real and anticipatory data to make ‘smarter’ choices and decisions, individually and collectively.

Cytilife is the first ‘Smart Campus’ solution, for Higher Ed. We have chosen to focus on and integrate all Non Academic aspects of a student’s life. Just like the Learning Management Systems do for the Academic side of a student’s life. More and more research shows impacts their mental health and wellness, retention, engagement much more than academics or funding.

In a campus, where a thousands’ of people are dependent on a finite physical and information infrastructure, our smart technologies enabled solution set is designed to proactively deliver highly personalised, context-aware, real time and predictive insights that both students and administrators use to make smarter decisions, everyday.

That is the power and promise of our Smart Campus! Begin your Smart Campus journey today!
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Select Smart Campuses By Cytilife

Student Affairs

A personalized, “smart” assistant to help better plan a student’s time and engagement across campus life.

Campus Wellness

Make it easy for students to find time for wellness by matching schedules with real-time availability.


Predictive intelligence for “smarter” decisions on all student facing services, resources, and investments.

Campus Services

Do you know what’s going on in your services and facilities? Intelligence on who is using what, when and for how long.

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Smart Campus

Our solution empowers students and administrators to make smarter decisions, everyday, with IoT and AI enabled real-time and predictive information.

Smart Spaces

Location based, real-time availability, reservations and utilization for all facilities, students and administrators.

Smart Assistant

Students use this personalized app to better plan their day across all aspects of campus life, with minimal effort.

Smart Decisions

Real-time and predictive facilities utilization, and student behavior data for better resource management and investment decisions.

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